Thursday, 10 November 2011

Why I will not wear a poppy, this year or any year

We know politicians are liars and hypocrites and this extends into every sphere of life.  The poppy today is used as a cheap way of paying lip-service to the needless sacrifice of millions of working class service personnel at the altar of empire and capital while sending more working class men and women to fight and die in needless wars in the present and, when they return, making many of them rely on charity while the state that sent them serves the millionaires in the boardrooms. 

The state is perfectly happy to encourage the jingoism that surrounds the idea of the poppy as it perfectly diverts the attention away from the complete lack of any true support offered by the state to the mostly working class men and women who are still sacrificed at the altar of capital and at the whim of politicians of all parties in wars to this day.

The politicians don’t care about the people they regularly send to die. They don’t care about the people they’re killing.  They care about image and they care about capital and the soldiers, sailors and airmen are no different from the rest of the workers in this country.  They do a job for and on behalf of the ruling class, so the politicians and the millionaires can keep their place and keep us in ours.  They are asked to kill and to die on behalf of people who don’t give a shit about them.  So instead of wearing a poppy or saying a prayer to remember the men and women who have so needlessly died, demand that our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers are never sent to kill and to die on behalf of the people who exploit them, the politicians and millionaires.  Demand that no more people die for their privilege. 

No war but class war.

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